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Blog Posts in February, 2018

  • What Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies Know About You

    Once you take the crucial step of filing your workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company handling your claim will begin obtaining background information about you. This is something that can be accomplished without ever having to contact our even question you, so whatever you do, make sure you never provide false or inaccurate information since they will easily be able to disprove this ...
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  • How the Workers’ Comp Appeals Process Works

    If your workers’ compensation claim was denied, this is not the end of the road for you. The next step would be to move forward with the appeals process. For many, this is likely a first-time experience, which means you might be unclear about how to process works. First, it is vital that you seek the assistance of a skilled legal professional who is experienced in handling such cases. He or she ...
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  • How to Move Your Workers' Comp Claim Case Along

    Workers’ compensation cases can take quite some time and, if this is the first time you have ever filed one, you might feel like it is taking forever. While it is important to have patience and to keep in mind that it can be several months or years before an insurance company reaches a resolution, there are a few ways to speed things along. Here are some tips to help you pick up the pace on your ...
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