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Blog Posts in November, 2018

  • Who Decides When I Have Reached Maximum Medical Improvement?

    When an employee suffers an injury in the workplace, he or she will likely be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, there are several factors that can potentially impact how long you are able to receive these important benefits, such as the length of time it takes for you to recover from your injuries. Of course, the recovery process is not an exact science and no two situations are ...
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  • How to Prepare for Your Independent Medical Examination (IME)

    After you file a workers’ compensation claim, you will likely be asked to attend an independent medical examination (IME) with a doctor who is not your treating physician. This exam can have a major impact on your ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits and, therefore, it is important to properly prepare for it. We have provided a list of tips below that should help you prepare for your ...
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  • What Not to Say to the Independent Medical Examination Doctor

    There are many steps involved in filing a workers’ compensation claim, including an independent medical examination (IME). This appointment can be stressful, especially since the doctor’s findings can make or break your workers’ compensation claim. Before you attend your IME, it is important to understand what you should avoid saying to the doctor conducting your examination to avoid derailing ...
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