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Blog Posts in December, 2018

  • The Dangers of Returning to Work Too Early After a Workers’ Comp Injury

    Oftentimes, employers want to get their injured employees back to work as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is generally not in the best interests of the employee for numerous reasons. If you sustained an injury while performing your job duties, it is important to wait until you are fully healed and ready to take on the demands of your job without harming your physical wellbeing or creating ...
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  • How to Prepare for Your Workers’ Compensation Hearing

    If your workers’ compensation claim is being disputed, you might require a formal hearing before a workers’ compensation judge to fight for the benefits you deserve. During your workers’ compensation hearing, a judge will review the evidence in your case and make a decision to award or deny you the benefits you are seeking. It is critical that you are properly prepared for this hearing and ...
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  • What Happens if I am Involved in a Car Accident While Performing My Job Duties

    For many of us, work is not only performed in an office or other worksite. Many occupations require employees to drive as part of their work duties. So what happens when a worker gets injured in an accident while on the road? If you were recently involved in a motor vehicle accident while performing your work duties, you might be wondering what to expect next and if workers’ compensation benefits ...
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