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Third-Party Negligence Claims

Our Sacramento Attorneys Go Beyond Worker's Compensation

After a job-related injury, victims typically only look to worker's compensation to recover the money they need. However, at the law offices of Smolich and Smolich, experience has taught us that this can be just one of multiple sources of financial recovery. Having handled these cases for more than four decades, our Sacramento workers' compensation lawyers understand the value of carefully reviewing all possible legal options in order to maximize your recovery after a workplace accident.

The worker's compensation system is designed to cover medical costs associated with your workplace injury as well as the majority of lost income. However, it does have its limits. For example, it does not allow you to obtain compensation for pain and suffering. That is why it is important to consider other possible sources of recovery, such as third-party negligence claims.

When am I Able to File a Third-Party Negligence Claim?

Third-party negligence claims, which are actually personal injury claims, can be filed when a party other than the victim's employer was responsible for the workplace accident. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys have in-depth experience handling these types of claims. We will thoroughly investigate the situation, take great care to determine who exactly was responsible for your injuries and work to hold them financially responsible.

For example, a third-party negligence claim could be brought against:

  • A product manufacturer for a defective piece of work equipment
  • A driver who caused a motor vehicle accident while the victim was on the job
  • Other businesses or property owners where workers are at while performing their job functions

You Don't Pay Unless We Recover Compensation

If you believe that you may have a third-party negligence claim, the time to act is now. When you choose our firm to handle your case, rest assured that you are in capable hands. In fact, you will not have to pay a penny unless we recover compensation for your injuries.

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