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Blog Posts in March, 2019

  • Can I Still Receive Workers’ Comp if the Accident Was My Fault?

    Do you think you are to blame for the workplace accident that caused your injuries? If so, you might be concerned about your ability to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. However, regardless if you were partially or completely to blame for the incident, you would still be eligible for these crucial benefits. Workers’ compensation is not a fault-based system, which means regardless if you or ...
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  • The Most Common Construction Site Injuries

    Any occupation can be potentially dangerous when employers do not provide a safe work environment or workers are careless. Regardless of the cause, however, workplace injuries are almost always covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Although injuries can occur while performing any type of job, some jobs are inherently more hazardous than others. Construction site jobs, for example, are quite ...
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  • Seeking Medical Treatment for a Workplace Injury

    One of the first steps you should take after sustaining a workplace injury is to notify your employer and file a report of the incident. Another important step in this process is, of course, to seek medical treatment. However, given that a workplace injury is unlike any other type of injury, it is crucial to take the proper steps to ensure you are able to receive the benefits you deserve. Here is ...
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