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Seeking Medical Treatment for a Workplace Injury


One of the first steps you should take after sustaining a workplace injury is to notify your employer and file a report of the incident. Another important step in this process is, of course, to seek medical treatment. However, given that a workplace injury is unlike any other type of injury, it is crucial to take the proper steps to ensure you are able to receive the benefits you deserve.

Here is some important information you should know regarding medical treatment for a workplace injury:

  1. Timing is everything: One should never postpone medical treatment after suffering a workplace injury. Make sure you see a doctor immediately after the accident or, if you believe you developed a workplace illness, see a doctor as soon as you begin noticing the symptoms. Early medical care is not only key to ensuring a full and speedy recovery, but it will also give your employer less of an opportunity to claim that your injury or condition is not work-related. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to tough it out and work through the pain. This can cause further injury and might even result in permanent damage.
  2. Going to the right place: Of course, if your injuries are in need of emergency medical attention, you should go to the emergency room as soon as possible. If not, you will have to follow certain rules for obtaining medical care. In California, injured workers can choose which doctor they would like to receive treatment from if he or she was officially designated as your primary care physician prior to the accident and your health insurance provides coverage for the visit.
  3. Make the right choice: Choosing the right doctor is important, so if you already have a primary care physician, it is best to receive treatment from a doctor you are already familiar with and can trust. Otherwise, the doctor your employer chooses will likely make decisions that best serve the insurance company or your employer.
  4. Talking about your injuries: When you visit the doctor, it is important to be completely honest with him or her regarding your injuries. You will not receive the proper treatment if you try to downplay or exaggerate the severity of your injuries. If the insurance company finds out you are being dishonest about your injuries, this could also deeply affect your claim and might even jeopardize your ability to receive these crucial benefits. For this same reason, you should also avoid guessing or speculating about your injuries. This is a place for facts, so refrain from engaging in any guesswork.
  5. Paying the bill: The question you are probably most curious about is who foots the bill for your doctor visits. Generally, your employer must pay for all bills associated with your medical care until a decision is made regarding your claim, up to a certain amount. If the claim is denied and later overturned, you can seek reimbursement for any bills you had to pay while you were appealing the decision.

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