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Social Security Disability Lawyer in Sacramento

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The social security disability benefits application process can be a stressful and overwhelming experience to attempt to undergo on your own. The Social Security Administration estimates that about two-thirds of all claims they receive are initially denied. When you are in need of this financial income to sustain your life, reducing the chance of being denied is vital to your life. Retain the services of a skilled Sacramento social security disability attorney for assistance and seek legal help.

At Smolich & Smolich, we have served the injured and disabled in Northern California for over 40 years. Our skilled team has recovered millions of dollars in benefits on behalf of our clients, and may be able to help you too using a thorough knowledge of the laws and processes involved with social security disability benefits. We provide detailed and personalized service to all of our clients, working tirelessly to make sure their SSD needs are cared for.

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The SSD Application Process

The application process for social security disability benefits is a complex one, requiring a keen eye for detail to ensure the proper steps are followed. An experienced attorney can assist you with this by ensuring your paperwork is filled out properly and advising you on the proper documents to include.

  • The process for applying for SSD benefits includes:
  • Determine if you have a Case: Our attorney will be able to determine whether or not you have a case after hearing your story. If so, they can advise you on the proper supporting evidence documentation that you should include with your application.
  • Submit Your Application: Fill out the proper paperwork, have it checked for accuracy and completeness by your attorney, and then submit it to the Social Security Administration along with your supporting evidence.
  • Wait for your Decision: Your decision may take three to five months to process, but occasionally may take longer.
  • Appeal your claim: if your claim is initially denied, you may opt to appeal or have a disability hearing. Your lawyer will help you prepare for this process if you wish to pursue it.

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