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Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular in densely-populated areas due to their small size, fuel efficiency, and ability to navigate quickly through heavy road traffic. However, motorcycles also carry a greatly elevated risk of serious injury or even death as a result of an accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured or lost their life as a result of a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible for compensation for your losses, including medical expenses, rehabilitation, vehicle damages, income replacement, and more. An experienced Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney can help you navigate the legal process surrounding your claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. Smolich & Smolich is a Sacramento-based law firm with the legal knowledge and experience you need in a personal injury advocate.

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The Increased Risk of Motorcycle Accidents

There are a number of factors that contribute to the high amount of danger a motorcycle accident inherently carries. Motorcyclists are encouraged to exercise extreme caution on the roads in order to avoid sustaining serious injuries.

Motorcycle accidents carry an increased level of risk due to these and other factors:

  • Lower visibility to cars
  • Lower stability
  • Operating difficulty
  • No safety barriers between driver and asphalt
  • Increased sensitivity to road hazards

Whatever the reason for your accident and whatever the severity, you should not hesitate to retain the services of a skilled Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney. The attorneys at Smolich & Smolich have decades’ of combined experience in personal injury practice and are capable of making a compelling case for compensation on behalf of injured motorcyclists who need their voices heard.

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