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Blog Posts in May, 2017

  • Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Taxable?

    In most cases, workers’ compensation benefits are generally not taxable, which is a relief for those trying to get by on these necessary benefits. Workers’ compensation falls within the same category of other non-taxable income, such as public welfare fund payments, compensatory damages, disability benefits, and compensation for the permanent loss of or use of a body part. That said, there are ...
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  • Can I Recover Workers' Comp With a Pre-Existing Condition?

    Having a pre-existing condition could complicate your workers’ compensation claim if you are injured while on the job. While a pre-existing condition doesn’t make you ineligible, your employer and insurance company will likely try to leverage your pre-existing condition against you to protect their bottom line. There are three types of pre-existing conditions in workers’ compensation claims, and ...
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  • How Social Media Impacts Your Workers' Comp Claim

    In our ever-connected world, social media outlets have become a huge part of our lives. Some people depend on these outlets for everything from communication to news to valuable information. As we become more comfortable with these online spheres, we also choose to share more personal details that we may not have been so willingly open to discuss, including details regarding a workers’ ...
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  • How to Prepare for Your Workers' Comp Hearing

    When you can’t come to an agreement as to what your workers’ compensation benefits should be, or whether your employer is responsible for your injuries, you may need to pursue a workers’ compensation hearing. A hearing is a meeting before a judge or panel of judges where you plead your case, your employer or their insurance company pleads theirs, and you both present your evidence in order to ...
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  • Five Reasons Your Workers' Comp Benefits May End

    If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you likely depend on them to help you financially while you recover from your injury. When you are receiving benefits, it’s important to know when your benefits can end and why. Not only can this help you avoid making a mistake that jeopardizes your benefits, but it can also help you plan for when you will no longer have this source of added ...
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