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Blog Posts in September, 2018

  • Does Workers’ Compensation Cover a Car Accident While at Work?

    In, 2016, transportation accidents were the most common type of fatal work-related injury, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. To put it into perspective, they accounted for 40% of all work fatalities for the year. If you were on the job while you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, this can complicate matters since such accidents are only covered by ...
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  • Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Mental Illness?

    When we think of injuries sustained on the job, we tend not to think of psychiatric injuries, but rather physical ones, such as broken bones and head injuries. However, even psychiatric injuries can be covered by workers’ compensation under certain circumstances. California, unlike other states, covers psychiatric injuries within the workers’ compensation system. That said, employers and insurance ...
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  • Lung Diseases and Workers’ Compensation: What You Should Know

    The respiratory system is critical for a person’s health and, unfortunately, many work environments put this delicate part of the body at risk for sustaining injuries. The consequences of these injuries can range anywhere from minor to serious or fatal. If you believe you suffered a lung disease as a result of your job duties or work environment, you need to obtain skilled legal representation as ...
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