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Broken bones are extremely painful injuries that can leave lasting emotional and mental trauma damage. Additionally, they can also have permanent physical consequences as well. Broken bones can also cause extended health problems in the future, making them a truly catastrophic injury. These problems can compound dramatically if you break multiple bones in the same incident. This makes it important to seek out financial compensation and relief as soon as possible.

At Smolich & Smolich, our Sacramento personal injury lawyers work hard to protect the injured and bereaved in Northern California. We take a personal approach to each case where we get to know each of our clients and learn the extent to which their lives have been impacted by their injuries. This allows us to fight for the compensation our clients need to help them through this difficult time and beyond in a clear and accurate fashion.

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Lasting Effects of Broken Bones

Broken bones can cause serious, long-lasting health issues that could potentially impact you for the rest of your life. If you have sustained a broken bone injury, it is important to begin reviewing your legal options immediately to secure compensation and ensure your continuing well-being.

  • Broken bones can potentially cause long-term health effects, such as:
  • Frequent or constant pain
  • Arthritis
  • Loss of mobility
  • Loss of feeling
  • Permanent need for medical devices

At Smolich & Smolich, we can assist you through the difficult and stressful time following a broken bone injury. When you are hurt and cannot work, we can help you recover financial assistance for things such as medical bills, therapy treatments, lost income from missed work, bereavement, and more. Let us fight on your behalf.

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