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Premises Liability Attorneys in Sacramento

Holding Property Owners Responsible for their Negligence

Property owners, particularly owners of stores and other businesses, have a duty to keep visitors safe. When their failure to live up to that duty leads to serious injuries, they can be held accountable through legal action. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers at the law offices of Smolich and Smolich have decades of experience pursuing compensation for victims of negligent property owners and are well-prepared to start work on your case as soon as possible.

What Does a Premises Attorney Do?

The biggest thing a premises attorney does is help you recover damages due to the negligence of a property owner. During this process, they can help you:

  • Avoid delays
  • If the case goes to trial, help litigate your case
  • Make sure all damages are accounted for
  • Ensure you have a fair chance against the insurance adjusters

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How Do I Know if My Claim Is Valid?

Claims against negligent property owners are referred to as premises liability claims. They can be filed when there is reason to believe that the property owner's negligence caused harm to a visitor to the property. Often, negligence takes the form of failure to address a hazardous condition on the property.

It is important to note that, in order for a claim to be effective, there must be evidence that the property owner had the opportunity to address the hazard and failed to do so. Proof of the hazard alone may not be sufficient. For example, if a freezer suddenly breaks down and a customer slips on the liquid that has leaked out the victim has less of a chance at a successful claim than if the freezer had been broken down for weeks and the property owner failed to repair it.

Premises liability claims may involve:

Slip & Fall Accident Claims

Slip-and-fall accidents are among the most common premises liability claims. They may involve situations such as when visitors to stores slip on leaks, spills, or other hazards and suffer injury. Slip-and-fall accidents can be challenging cases, but we have the experience necessary to effectively pursue the financial compensation you need and deserve. In fact, you have nothing to lose by calling our Sacramento personal injury attorneys, as you don't pay us a dime unless we recover compensation.

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