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10 Tips to Protect Yourself

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Any worker in any industry should always follow a few simple steps to protect themselves from serious injury or work-related illnesses. However, some injuries cannot be avoided, and when this happens, you need a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney on your side to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Follow These 10 Simple Steps

  1. When you are injured, report the accident to your manager or supervisor immediately. You can also request the initial paperwork at this time.
  2. Inform your employer and seek medical attention, if needed, as soon as possible. Your employer can then send you to your designated physician within 24 hours of your request.
  3. Tell your doctor about your injury. Do not lie about the severity of your symptoms, but make sure he or she is well aware of all parts of your body that are affected, and how they have been affected.
  4. Fill out your information on your workers’ compensation claim form. Write legibly and be careful to be accurate with your spelling and any facts. Return this to your employer when your section is complete.
  5. Always keep a copy of this paperwork. Your employer has 24 hours to return the completed paperwork to you.
  6. Write down all the facts of your claim, while you remember them. Do not wait as memories can fade quickly, especially when you are injured.
  7. Don’t skip any of your doctor’s appointments and inform your treating physician about any worsening symptoms.
  8. Keep copies of all letters, doctor’s notes, and receipts. Record all of your days off, dates of doctor’s appointments, and mileage to get to and from your doctor’s office.
  9. Do not lie or provide false statements about any issue, as doing so is considered fraud and can be punished by large fines and jail time.
  10. Contact a Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible to review the facts and details about your case.

There Is a Time Limit. Do Not Hesitate to Call (888) 452-0703.

All workers’ compensation cases have a statute of limitations. While this is usually a year from the date of your injury, there are many exceptions. In any case, delays can cause your claim to be denied or your compensation to be postponed.

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