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Blog Posts in April, 2018

  • What Records Do I Need to Keep For My Claim?

    Organized and detailed record-keeping is critical in just about any legal matter, including workers’ compensation cases. In fact, doing so can increase your chances of receiving these important benefits and, if you end up in a dispute with the insurance company, you will have the proof you need to support your claim. Of course, if you have never dealt with this type of matter before, you might not ...
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  • Common Reasons Why Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied

    If you were injured at work and denied workers’ compensation benefits, leaving you to face the consequences of your work injury without any assistance, now is a good time to take a moment to understand why your claim might have been denied and what your course of action might be moving forward. In some cases, the denial might have been valid, but oftentimes, employers simply do not want their ...
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  • The Most Dangerous Occupations in America

    There are a vast number of jobs out there and while any one of them can become dangerous and cause injuries to workers, some are simply more hazardous than others by their very nature. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, there were 4,821 fatal occupational injuries, the majority of which occurred in just a handful of sectors. We have compiled a list of some of the most dangerous ...
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