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What Not to Say to the Independent Medical Examination Doctor


There are many steps involved in filing a workers’ compensation claim, including an independent medical examination (IME). This appointment can be stressful, especially since the doctor’s findings can make or break your workers’ compensation claim. Before you attend your IME, it is important to understand what you should avoid saying to the doctor conducting your examination to avoid derailing your case.

3 Things Not to Tell the Doctor During Your IME

We have compiled a list of things you should avoid saying to the workers’ compensation doctor during your IME:

  • Do not ask the doctor for a diagnosis: It is not the doctor’s job to provide a diagnosis of your injuries for you. Instead, his or her job is to assess the extent of your injury and to make a report to your employer’s insurance company.
  • Never exaggerate the symptoms of your injuries: Some people might think that reporting symptoms that are much more severe than they actually are could produce favorable results, but the opposite is actually true. Exaggerating your symptoms will damage your credibility and hurt your case later on. Always be honest and concise with your answers.
  • Avoid saying too much: The doctor is going to ask you questions and, once you sufficiently answer them, you should stop talking. It is not uncommon for people to feel conversation and continue talking, especially if it seems like the doctor feels sympathetic. However, keep in mind that the doctor was hired by the insurance company and your interests are not aligned.

What should you always do during your independent medical examination? You should always stick to the facts. The IME doctor will not give you much time, so it is crucial to feel comfortable and confident when it comes to discussing your injuries, your course of treatment, and the effect your injuries have had on your ability to perform your job duties. You might find it helpful to write down what you would like to say about your injuries, so that you have something to glance at for quick reference when you are in the examination room.

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