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What Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies Know About You

Once you take the crucial step of filing your workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company handling your claim will begin obtaining background information about you. This is something that can be accomplished without ever having to contact our even question you, so whatever you do, make sure you never provide false or inaccurate information since they will easily be able to disprove this kind of information.

Digging for Information

The insurance company will first reach out to your employer and obtain witness statements from your supervisors and co-workers. These statements will provide them information about you and the injury you sustained. Witness statements will also better clarify your job duties and even provide information regarding your personal life, including hobbies, outside activities, and family life. Your personnel file will also be obtained. It will provide some basic information, including your address, emergency contact information, information about your spouse and children, health insurance, and even your resume and job application. It could also contain information about your hobbies, attendance, absenteeism, and wage information.

After contacting your employer and securing witness statements and your personnel file, the insurance company will likely obtain an index search. The most commonly used one is known as ISO, which is an extensive database in which insurance companies share information concerning claims. They will check to see if you have been involved in any auto accidents, utilizing social security numbers, tax ID numbers, and driver’s license numbers to glean any information that is available.

The insurance company will also rummage through the internet for information about you and, if you have social media accounts, it is possible that they can fall into a wealth of information. The might be able to find:

  • Pictures, which can allow their private investigators to identify you.
  • They will seek to verify if the address you provided is your true address. This will also assist their private investigators in locating you.
  • Through social media, they will also obtain the names of individuals who are your associates, which can help them know to whom they should talk to and interview concerning your activities.
  • If you are active on social media, chances are your profile can hint at your hobbies. Knowing your hobbies is important, especially if they involve being active. They might obtain information that will tell them what activities you participate in and might videotape you participating in something like a soccer league, or another activity your injury should prevent you from doing.
  • Social media is also excellent for providing a timeline. The insurance company will be able to use a timeline to prove or disprove injuries, depending on whether or not there are contradictions that harm your claim.

Ultimately, it is important for you to know that, once you file a claim, the insurance carrier is going to quickly and easily find out a substantial amount of information about you. Be sure to conduct yourself appropriately with that in mind and refrain from saying or doing anything that might harm your claim.

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