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How to Move Your Workers' Comp Claim Case Along

Workers’ compensation cases can take quite some time and, if this is the first time you have ever filed one, you might feel like it is taking forever. While it is important to have patience and to keep in mind that it can be several months or years before an insurance company reaches a resolution, there are a few ways to speed things along.

Here are some tips to help you pick up the pace on your workers’ compensation claim:

  • Hire an attorney: Trying to tackle a workers’ compensation claim on your own can prolong your case. With a skilled workers’ compensation attorney on your side, however, the insurance company is more likely to pay attention to your case since you will have a stronger position with a legal advocate assisting you. He or she will understand how to best resolve your claim as soon as possible. Moreover, an attorney can also keep you from making mistakes that often lead to unnecessary delays.
  • Avoid rescheduling: Workers’ compensation cases require consultations with numerous people. You are going to have scheduled medical exams, mediation, depositions, and other events that will require a bit of juggling when it comes to scheduling. Even attorneys and insurance companies will have to plan events based on the time constraints they are facing. For many, these restrictions can be immensely frustrating, especially if they are inconvenient for you. That said, it is important to avoid rescheduling since this can lead to further delay. Some doctors are booked months in advance, which means you will have to wait a month or more for another appointment if you suddenly make a cancellation. Do your best to ensure you are able to attend the appointments you schedule and you will be able to see your case progress at a faster pace.
  • Consider a settlement: This does not mean you should accept any low ball offer, but your attorney is able to skillfully engage in negotiations and informs you of a settlement that is fair, you might consider accepting it to resolve your case sooner.
  • Compromise: Similar to the above point, you should be open to reasonable compromises when negotiating a settlement. Your attorney will give you an idea of how much your case is worth and what you should realistically expect from a settlement. If you are unsure what a reasonable compromise is in your case, consult with your attorney for advice to make a more well-informed decision.
  • Stay updated: Be sure to always check in with your attorney regarding the progress of your case on a regular basis and, if he or she asks for documents or information, provide them as soon as possible. The faster you are answering any requests, the quicker things can continue to move along.

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