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Are All Occupational Illnesses Covered by Workers’ Compensation?


Workers’ compensation is a system that provides benefits to people who have been injured on the job. Although injuries such as bone fractures, brain injuries, and muscle strain certainly account for a large percentage of workers’ compensation cases, benefits are also available to employees who contract occupational illnesses. Occupational illnesses are any diseases that are contracted on the job. However, not all illnesses that are contracted at work qualify for workers’ compensation coverage.

Is Cancer Treatment Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Cancer is an unfortunate risk of working in some industries. Firefighters and people who work in manufacturing are some workers whose role puts them in danger of developing cancer.

There are some roles in which cancer treatment is automatically covered by workers’ compensation. Jobs in which cancer is a known risk of the working conditions often provide workers’ compensation benefits to their employees; workers do not have to prove a link between their condition and their job.

Other Illnesses Covered by Workers’ Compensation

There are many illnesses that can develop due to work conditions. Factors such as toxic exposure, smoke inhalation, and other elements can lead to conditions including respiratory illness, heart disease, skin diseases, and infections. A company may explicitly cover certain illnesses that are known risks to their workers. A company may also evaluate each case individually and provide workers’ compensation benefits based on the details of the claim.

Is Treatment for Mental Conditions Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Mental illness can arise due to working conditions as well. Workers in some roles are more susceptible to developing depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than other workers.

It is possible that a mental condition may be covered by workers’ compensation. It is much less likely that a mental illness will qualify for workers’ compensation coverage and claimants will have a more difficult time recovering benefits than in comparison to cases concerning physical conditions. Some roles that are known to have a greater risk for mental illness include coverage in their workers’ compensation policies, while other companies consider these concerns on a case by case basis.

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