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How are Expenses Paid Before a Workers’ Compensation Claim is Resolved?

Through a workers’ compensation claim, people who have been injured on the job can receive coverage for the medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses caused by their injury. Of course, these expenses will not hold off until your workers’ compensation claim is resolved. There are significant costs that will arise immediately following an accident, and expenses will continue to mount as your claim progresses. Injured workers often worry about how these initial expenses will be covered while they are waiting for their benefits. Luckily, the workers’ compensation system accounts for these costs and provides coverage before claims are resolved.

Injured Workers are Entitled to Up to $10,000 in Medical Coverage

The California workers’ system allows up to $10,000 in medical coverage for injured workers whose claims are still in progress. Therefore, once you report your injury and file your claim, this coverage should apply. Coverage is available for any medical expense you incur related to your work injury before your claim is accepted and you begin receiving your benefits, or before your claim is denied and the appeals process begins.

Treatment Provided by Pre-Approved Doctors

Upon reporting a work injury, your employer should give you a list of medical providers who are approved to treat you by their workers’ compensation insurance company. By receiving care from these pre-approved doctors, you can be sure that your medical expenses will be covered. These doctors work within the workers’ compensation system, so not only are they knowledgeable about work injuries, they are familiar with the financial aspect of claims as well. Typically, the doctors will work directly with your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance company and will forward all bills through workers’ compensation channels. Even before your claim is resolved, treatment from any of the doctors provided by your employer upon reporting your work injury should be covered.

If your injuries require emergency treatment, you do not need to worry about seeing a pre-approved doctor. You can go to any provider you would like, as long as you get the proper treatment. Emergency care is one of the reasons the $10,000 in medical coverage is provided.

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