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Tips for Driving Safely Around Motorcyclists


Though they are the preferred method of transportation for many, motorcycles are notoriously dangerous as it only takes a second for an accident to result in catastrophic injuries. Many drivers forget to share the road with motorcyclists, either because they view them as reckless hindrances bound to end in disaster or because they simply do not remember to consider them. Sadly, this lack of awareness often results in devastating consequences. It is crucial for every driver to educate themselves on how to share the road with motorcyclists to avoid these tragedies from occurring furthermore.

The next time you get on the road, consider these life-saving tips for driving around motorcyclists:

  • Stay back. If you are riding behind a motorcycle, keep your distance and do not tailgate. Even the slightest rear-end collisions are often fatal for motorcyclists, as riders do not have traditional protection such as airbags, seatbelts, or the shielding enclosure of a vehicle.
  • Beware of blind spots. One of the main reasons motorcyclists make drivers nervous is their lack of visibility. Even if you think there is no one next to you, a motorcyclist may appear outside of your field of vision when you least expect it.
  • Do not make any left-hand turns without checking for motorcyclists, who are extremely easy to miss as these scenarios when most accidents occur.

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