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Signs of Employer Retaliation After Filing for Workers’ Compensation


Unfortunately, not every employee is treated as they deserve after sustaining a workplace accident or injury. While the state of California strongly protects employees and requires workers’ compensation benefits, some employers may not want to pay these costs and choose to retaliate against the specific employee instead. When your job is on the line due to no fault of your own, it can be extremely stressful to navigate the challenges of dealing with your employer after an injury. Therefore, it is essential you beware of any changes in the way you are treated after the fact.

If you experience any of the following behavior in the workplace after filing a claim, you may have a case for workplace retaliation:

  • Termination or threats of firing
  • Reassignment, demotions, or other changes in your position or responsibilities
  • Lowered pay
  • Intimidation or coercion
  • Unwarranted disciplinary actions
  • Exclusion from meetings, training, or work events
  • Harassment or bullying

In some cases, the employer in question may create an uncomfortable and inconvenient work environment in an attempt to force the employee out of the position entirely. This can happen in many underhanded and passive-aggressive ways, and any physical or technical evidence of this behavior should be documented for legal action.

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