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June is National Safety Month


Every year in June, the National Safety Council observes National Safety Month to focus on bringing awareness to major public health risks and educating the public on different ways to make our world a safer place. The National Safety Council’s mission is to eliminate preventable fatalities in the workplace, on the road, in our homes, and in our communities.

The 2019 topics for National Safety Month are as follows:

  • Hazard recognition, or preventing potential injuries and accidents before they happen
  • Slips, trips, and falls, which are the leading cause of fatal accidents in construction sites and continued to be a growing problem across various areas
  • Fatigue, which is more than simply being tired, as it can adversely affect your ability to safely perform daily activities
  • Impairment, whether in the form of alcohol, drugs, or other external factors

As expected, these risk factors have the potential to result in devastating consequences. Taking the right protective measures can not only save an individual person’s life, but it can have an incredible impact on the masses. Our firm encourages everyone to look over the NSC’s public safety materials and resources and embrace the spirit of National Safety Month. Additional information is available here.

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