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Are Teens Covered by California Workers' Comp?

It’s summer, and that means a lot of teens are working seasonal jobs in a variety of industries. If you’re a parent of a teen working a summer job, a few questions may have crossed your mind: What happens if my child is injured at work? Do they qualify for workers’ compensation, or do I have to afford their medical expenses?

It may come as a relief to know that teens are covered by California’s workers’ compensation laws. If your child is injured on the job while performing a work-related duty, they can qualify for workers’ compensation. That means they can receive the financial resources necessary to address their medical care, and you can worry a lot less about how your teen’s work accident will affect your family’s overall finances.

Was Your Child Hurt on the Job? We Can Help.

You may not have had to file a workers’ compensation claim before, so you might not know how to help your teen through this process. When you both could benefit from professional guidance, our workers’ comp attorneys at Smolich and Smolich can help.

After learning about your situation during a consultation, we can provide the legal advice and services necessary to help your child file for and receive workers’ comp benefits. Should any complications arise along the way, we can advise you and your teen of the available options and proceed with a course of action that can lead to a better outcome.

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