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How Long Will It Take to Approve My Workers' Comp Claim?

In general, workers’ compensation claims in California can take two to four months to process and approve. It may take longer, however, if there are delays during the review process.

It’s important to remain patient and provide any additional information that the workers’ comp board may need to make a decision on your claim.

An Overview of the Workers’ Comp Claim Approval Process

When filing a workers' comp claim in California, there are several steps that must be taken for it to be approved. You must file an application with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) and provide evidence that supports your claim, such as witness statements or medical records.

Once submitted, your application will go through a review process by WCAB workers and their medical expert. If approved, you will then be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. It typically takes several weeks to review an application for workers’ comp and reach a decision. This can depend on the complexity of a claim as well as any mitigating circumstances.

What Can Cause a Delay in a Workers’ Comp Decision?

The workers’ comp process can take longer if you are seeking medical treatment or rehabilitation services. Delays can also occur when you have an unresolved dispute with your employer or need additional evidence or information from other parties involved in your claim.

How Can I Reduce the Chance of a Delay?

There are several things you can do to reduce the chance of encountering a delay with your workers’ comp claim approval or reduce the duration of any such delay that does occur.

First, you should report your injuries to your employer in a timely manner. This means informing your employer of an injury as soon as an accident occurs or when you become aware of a work injury.

After that, ensure that your employer accurately records the nature and extent of your injuries along with the events or circumstances that directly contributed to any accident that resulted in an injury.

Finally, you should also document your injuries with photos and/or videos, and identify any witnesses to the accident.

Contact Smolich and Smolich for Additional Assistance

Smolich and Smolich provides people with the legal support they need when they must navigate the workers’ compensation process in California. Because receiving workers’ comp benefits can be essential to protecting your way of life after an injury, it’s essential to ensure you have an advocate at your side throughout this process.

If you wish to learn more about the workers’ comp claim approval process in California, or require assistance with it, contact us online.