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Can Minors File for Workers' Compensation?


In California, minors who are injured on the job can file for workers’ compensation benefits. The process of filing may be different than that of an adult because minors must generally have their parent or legal guardian act as their representative in making a claim. Eligible minors in California will receive payments to cover medical bills and lost wages due to injuries sustained while working.

Minors under 18 years old must obtain written consent from a parent or legal guardian before they are allowed to work in most cases. This is important because it ensures employers cannot take advantage of young workers and puts them at risk by having them complete dangerous tasks without proper supervision or training. If a minor has obtained permission from their parent or guardian, then they should be covered by workers' compensation in case of an injury.

How Do Minors Apply for Workers’ Comp Benefits?

In order for minors to receive workers' compensation benefits, the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board must deem them eligible. The process for determining eligibility may take longer than it would for an adult because a parent or guardian is usually required to act as a representative on behalf of the injured minor.

Minors who are found to be eligible will receive payments that cover medical expenses related to their injury, such as doctor visits and medications. They can also receive wage replacement benefits if they lose any pay due to being unable to work. The amount and duration of these benefits are determined by the severity of the injury, but minors may be able to receive payments until they turn 18 years old.

Seek Professional Legal Assistance

In California, it is important for minors to understand their rights in regard to workers' compensation so that they can be adequately compensated in case of an injury.

If a minor is injured on the job, then they should discuss their options with a parent or guardian and contact a lawyer who specializes in workers' compensation cases. Doing this can ensure that minors receive all of the benefits they are entitled to in order to cover any medical expenses or lost wages due to their injury.

By having knowledge about what rights and protections minors have when it comes to filing for workers' compensation in California, they can be better prepared to take action if they are ever injured while on the job. With the right information and support, minors in California can receive the benefits they deserve and have peace of mind that their rights are being protected.

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