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What Is the Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher?

The Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher is a $6,000 credit that can be applied toward education, training, licensing, and/or certification. These vouchers are only available to workers who suffered job-related accidents that caused any amount of permanent partial disability.

If you suffered a permanent partial injury at your job, there’s a chance you might not be able to perform the tasks required for your role. The Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher exists to help you fund your pursuit of new job skills and qualifications and become employable in a different role.

Eligibility Depends on Other Work Your Employer May Offer

If your employer offers you regular, modified, or alternative work within 60 days of receiving the Physician’s Return-to-Work & Voucher Report (Form DWC-AD 10133.36), you will not qualify for the Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher. You also won’t qualify if you decline the offer.

Importantly, the job offered by your employer must not pay you less than 85% of what you earned before your injury, and the position must be expected to exist for at least 12 months.

The job your employer offers must abide by the following conditions:

  • You have the ability to perform the job’s essential functions
  • You must earn at least 85% of what you earned at the time of your injury
  • The job must be regular and last at least 12 months
  • The job is within a reasonable commuting distance from your residence

If the position your employer offers doesn’t meet these requirements, discuss your options with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer from Smolich and Smolich.

How You Can Use Your Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher

You can use funds from your Job Displacement Vouch on more than just education, training, and certification. With limitations in place, you can use these funds to help you offset the effects of your job displacement.

For example, you can use your voucher funds to purchase tools of your trade, but only if they’re required by a training course. You can also spend up to $1,000 on computer equipment and reimburse $500 for miscellaneous expenses.

If you want to use the services of a vocational counselor or another licensed placement agency to help you secure a new job, you can use up to $600 for this purpose.

Contact Smolich and Smolich for Guidance

If you have any questions about qualifying for the Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher, how to use it, or another matter involving workers’ comp, reach out to Smolich and Smolich. Our attorneys can offer the legal guidance you need during this time to help you receive any benefits you may be entitled to claim after a work-related injury.

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