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Does Workers' Comp Cover Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals?

If you suffer an illness or injury at work due to exposure to toxic chemicals, you may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. The benefits you may receive can cover your medical expenses for treatment related to the exposure to dangerous chemicals, as well as partial compensation for lost wages.

When we think about injuries that happen at work, our imagination doesn’t often consider the many ways people can be harmed by toxic chemicals. The wide gamut of injuries that hazardous substances can cause ranges from chemical burns to cancer. Sometimes these injuries are sustained in a distinct accident, sometimes they may arise from cumulative exposure over time.

Fortunately, they are all covered by workers’ comp in California as long as they meet the normal requirements for a qualifying workplace injury. As soon as you become aware that you were exposed to a toxic substance or are experiencing the effects of an injury or illness caused by exposure to a hazardous chemical, immediately report this to your supervisor and file a workplace accident report.

You should then speak with an experienced workers’ comp attorney. This person can help you understand the next steps you need to take to protect your chances of successfully applying for workers’ comp benefits.

Our advocates at Smolich and Smolich can walk you through the initial application phase. We can also represent you in an appeal if your application was denied for any reason. By working with one of our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys, you can feel more confident about securing the workers’ comp benefits you need.

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