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What Happens When a Work Injury Ends My Career?


For many people, their job is more than “just a job.” It’s what they do to earn a living, but it requires them to use skills that took them years to learn and master. These skills can require mental acuity, strength, agility, and precision – all of which rely on the employee to remain in good physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, however, an injury sustained from working can be the very thing that hinders one’s health, and thus the skills they need to do their jobs. While employers are required to provide reasonable accommodation for a qualified disability, it may be that the employee simply can’t perform their essential job duties.

The employee’s career can effectively end under these circumstances, but that’s also when their pursuit for compensation and benefits should begin. If you suffered a workplace injury that cost you your ability to do your job, you are entitled to pursue workers’ compensation as well as various public benefits that can help you make ends meet.

Can Workers’ Compensation Pay for Lost Wages & Lifelong Medical Costs?

If you suffered an injury at work that ended your career, you can get more out of workers’ compensation than you might think. While most people expect this program to help them with their immediate medical costs and lost wages due to recovery, they might think this is the extent of what workers’ compensation can do for them.

The reality is that workers’ compensation can be leveraged to account for an injured employee’s future loss of earnings and lifetime medical costs. These can be paid out over time or provided in a lump sum settlement. There might be a more significant pushback to pursuing this type of compensation, but it can be acquired when an injured worker has experienced counsel on their side.

Which Public Benefits Are Available to Permanently Injured Workers?

The eligibility for public benefits will depend upon each individual’s unique situation. That said, there are a number of government programs in California that those who can’t work anymore because of their injuries can use.

Some of these benefits programs include the following:

Because these benefits can be crucial to protecting your way of life when you can no longer earn an income, you should ensure your best possible chances are secured. This can happen when you reach out to a qualified attorney to advise you through the benefits application process.

Should you receive a denial of benefits, your legal advocate can help you fight for a review of your eligibility through the proper channels.

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