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Can You Choose to Get Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits?


There are multiple options available to injured employees who are able to return to some form of work once they recover. Some workers are quickly able to return to their regular duties, while others may be able to engage in modified work or alternative work.

Supplemental job displacement benefits are another option that is available. These benefits provide coverage for tuition, books, and other educational expenses, so an employee is able to complete job training or courses and pursue a new career path following a work injury that prevents them from returning to their old job.

Following an on-the-job accident, you may not want to return to your previous job. Despite your ability to, you may now feel that your job is unsafe or have other reasons to not want to go back. If you are feeling this way, you may be wondering if you can receive supplemental job displacement benefits as part of your workers’ compensation benefits. While this may be an option for you, you will need to show that you are eligible for the program. Unfortunately, you cannot choose to receive supplemental job displacement benefits just because you want to receive professional education.

Supplemental Job Displacement Eligibility

To be eligible for supplemental job displacement benefits, a worker must first be unable to return to their previous role due to a permanent disability.

Additionally, you can only be eligible for supplemental job displacement benefits if your employer has not offered you any kind of alternative or modified work, particularly for a period of at least a year. Alternative work is when an injured worker can return to their company, but in a different role than they were working before. Modified work is when a person can return to their original position, but with some adjustments. Supplemental job displacement is available to people who cannot return to their original job, company, and possibly industry because of their injuries.

If you meet these qualifications, supplemental job displacement benefits may be available to you. Our attorneys can help with your case. Contact Smolich and Smolich today if you were injured at work. We will help you file your workers’ compensation claim and will fight to get you the benefits you deserve.

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