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Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation for Injuries During Travel?


Being “on the job” does not necessarily mean being in an office all day. For some workers, traveling is a standard part of their work responsibilities. Whether a worker needs to commute to different offices everyday, or goes on periodic business trips, this time is considered part of their job. And like any time spent working, work-related travel can be dangerous. Injuries do happen during work travel, and when they do, the injured employee may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ Compensation for Injuries During Business Travel

When an employee goes on a business trip, they could be injured while driving, flying, staying in a hotel, going to meetings, or completing the same responsibilities they do when they are in their normal office space. Car accidents are one of the most common injuries that happen to employees who are traveling for work, but injury can happen at any point during a business trip.

Many companies consider time spent traveling as work hours, and may even pay their employees for this time in addition to their time spent in an office or “on the job”. Any other time that an employee spends on a work trip may be considered work time as well, and a worker may be paid accordingly.

Injuries that occur during work-related travel generally will qualify for workers’ compensation coverage, although there could be some exceptions depending on a company’s policy. A company may only cover injuries that happen during whatever they consider as work time, or may cover the entirety of a trip.

Are Commute Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

A commute is another type of work-related travel. Although it is different from going on a business trip, a commute is still a type of travel that employees must complete as part of their work responsibilities.

However, injuries that occur during a commute are rarely covered by workers’ compensation. Yes, a daily commute is “work related,” but is not considered as work related in the sphere of workers’ compensation. Most companies do not consider a daily commute as part of the work day, and therefore it would not be covered by workers’ compensation.

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