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How Working from Home Affects Workers’ Comp

In 2020, more U.S. employees are working from home than ever. Technological advancements in the workplace have made it easier for employees to be productive and accomplish their tasks both in and out of the office, with a reported 4.3 million employees working from home at least half the time. Since 2005, the number of regular telecommuting employees has grown by 140%.

However, the rise of remote work has also increased the number of risks associated with workers’ compensation. Because employers are not able to visit their employees’ homes to approve their work environment, they can’t prevent injuries that may result from a dangerous work setup. For example, if the employee doesn’t have an ergonomic desk or chair, they may end up experiencing back pain or carpal tunnel. These injuries associated with working at a desk for 8 hours can qualify employees to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Employers are also not able to closely monitor how much work their remote workers are putting in. Studies show that many remote workers put in more hours and have a difficult time committing to a set schedule when they’re at home, which can increase fatigue and lead to unsafe working conditions.

However, there are health benefits to working at home, too. Because employees are so familiar with their surroundings at home and can navigate their spaces easily, there may be fewer opportunities to get into a more serious accident.

How Companies Can Help

In order to create a safer environment for remote workers and reduce the number of accidents and workers’ comp claims, employers can create a protocol that everyone is expected to follow, and that clearly outlines expectations. For example, employers may want to send workers home with an ergonomic chair, or have employees clock in on a time system to ensure they’re not putting in more time than they need to.

What Is Workers’ Comp?

Workers who have been injured or fallen ill on the job are entitled to filing a workers’ compensation claim so they may receive benefits including wage replacement and medical benefits. Each state has its own laws and programs, so it’s important to contact your state’s workers’ comp office to learn how your unique laws apply to your situation.

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