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The Most Common Construction Site Injuries

Any occupation can be potentially dangerous when employers do not provide a safe work environment or workers are careless. Regardless of the cause, however, workplace injuries are almost always covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Although injuries can occur while performing any type of job, some jobs are inherently more hazardous than others. Construction site jobs, for example, are quite physical and often require the use of dangerous machinery. If you were working on a construction site and suffered an injury while performing your duties, you need to obtain the assistance an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Here are some of the most frequently sustained construction site injuries:

  1. Fall injuries: Workers on construction sites tend to work from great heights, atop buildings, scaffolding, or large pieces of machinery. Such accidents can result in a number of different injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even death.
  2. Trench collapse injuries: Construction site workers sometimes work in trenches and, in the event of a collapse, the worker’s air supply might be cut off, or he or she might sustain crushing injuries that can potentially be fatal.
  3. Electric shock injuries: Lots of power tools and machinery is necessary to perform construction work and working with this type of equipment regularly puts workers at risk for severe electrical burns that affect the nerves.
  4. Repetitive motion injuries: When we think of repetitive motion injuries, we tend to think of office work, but even construction site workers can sustain these types of injuries. Bending, lifting, and performing the same physical tasks over and over again can cause a worker’s muscles and soft tissues to become damaged and worn out, which can lead to debilitating pain that puts an employee out of work for an indefinite amount of time.
  5. Chemical exposure illnesses and injuries: Construction sites are sometimes rife with hazardous substances and chemicals, which can result in illness or injury when a worker is exposed to it.

Additionally, when workers do not wear protective gear, such as hardhats, safety goggles, or other forms of protective gear, a myriad of severe injuries can occur. Some of the most severe injuries that are frequently sustained in the absence of appropriate protective equipment include eye injuries and brain injuries, which can both result in permanent disabilities.

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