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Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation if I Was Injured at a Company Event?


A company event, such as a team outing or a holiday party, can be a fun way to get to know your coworkers and relax during a workday. Although these activities may not fit into your job description, they are still associated with your job. This association raises questions of liability and compensation terms in the event that an employee is injured at a company event.

If you were hurt during a work party or other activity, you may be wondering if you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover your injury damages. To determine your eligibility to file a workers’ compensation claim, consider the type of event you were attending and the circumstances of your injury.

Were You Required to Attend the Event?

One of the most important things to consider following an accident at a work function is the question of whether or not you were required to attend the event. An activity that differs from your typical work responsibilities may still be mandatory, as required by your employer. If you were ordered to attend the event, your injuries should be covered because you were participating in a work-related activity. If event attendance was voluntary, your ability to recover compensation may be a little more questionable.

What was the Cause of Your Injury?

Your eligibility for workers’ compensation coverage for an injury you sustained at a company event may depend on the cause of your injury. In general, workers’ compensation does cover injuries caused by an employee themselves, but not if the cause of the injury can be considered as misconduct. If you were participating in an activity that was part of the event (for example, while bowling at a company-wide arcade party during work hours), you may be entitled to benefits.

Were You Intoxicated When You Were Injured?

It is not uncommon for work events to include drinking alcohol. Of course, your employer cannot require you to drink alcohol, so choosing to do is your choice. That choice can, unfortunately, impact your workers’ compensation claim if you are injured during the event. Intoxication almost always prevents an employee from being able to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

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