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Workers’ Compensation Claims for Police Officers

The work of law enforcement professionals is both unique and dangerous. Every day, police officers, sheriffs, and prison guards are forced to make split-second decisions that can result in serious injury to themselves and others. Most occupations generally don’t have this type of risk, which is why workers compensation claims are different for these brave men and women.

Why Are These Types of Claims Different?

There are several benefits and exceptions for officers who apply for workers’ compensation benefits. For example, there are different laws regarding claims for hypertension. If an officer develops hypertension, the department’s insurance company has the burden of proving the condition wasn’t caused while the officer was on active duty. Some injuries are also covered under workers’ compensation if the officer was in a departmental vehicle at the time they sustained the injury. Other injuries require the officer to suffer the injury while attempting to stop a crime. Workers’ compensation payouts and requirements ultimately depend on which department or agency the officer worked for.

Common Types of Law Enforcement Injuries

The following are common injuries that occur among law enforcement officers:

  • Shoulder Injuries: Often the result of taking down suspects during arrests or self-defense training.
  • Foot Injuries: Some officers spend countless hours on foot patrol, which can result in foot injuries, such as plantar fasciitis.
  • Lower Back & Hip Injuries: Gun belts and vests are heavy, and after wearing these things for ten hours a day, it can eventually lead to back pain caused by a slipped disc or damaged muscles.

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