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Can I Take a Vacation While Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits?


The summer is a perfect opportunity to take a family vacation now that the weather is warmer and school is over for the kids. But what if you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits for a workplace injury? Are you still allowed to take a vacation?

Fortunately, there is no law against enjoying your life just like any other hard-working individual. However, there are certain factors to consider before embarking on your long trip.

The following are several considerations that can have an adverse effect on your workers’ compensation claim:

  1. Medical appointments – To receive workers’ comp benefits, you must make all your appointments with a doctor, physical therapist, or any other medical specialist to ensure you make the best recovery possible from injury. If you end up missing an appointment while on vacation, you could lose your benefits. Even if you wish to reschedule, this type of action could still be interpreted as failing to comply with the required treatment.
  2. Doctor’s recommendations – Going on vacation is associated with various fun activities, such as jet skiing, zip lining, hiking, and other excursions. However, your doctor may recommend you avoid such activities to avoid reinjuring yourself. If you forgo your doctor’s orders to live in the moment and you end up re-injuring yourself, you could lose your claim.
  3. Investigators – In order to make sure you are following the doctor’s orders, insurance companies may hire investigators to keep an eye on you while you’re on vacation. If they catch or record you doing something you’re not supposed to, investigators will report their findings back to your insurer, who will likely deny your claim.
  4. Social media – Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give vacationers an opportunity to share their trip with the rest of the world. However, employers and insurers also view employees’ social media accounts. If you post an image or video of you participating in an activity your doctor didn’t approve of, you will lose your benefits.

To ensure you will continue receiving workers’ compensation benefits while you’re on vacation, contact Smolich and Smolich at (916) 571-0400 and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.