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Who is Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


Generally, most workers who sustain injuries or develop occupational illnesses are able to recover workers’ compensation benefits. This applies to both full-time and part-time employees as long as the injury or illness was sustained during the course of their employment. That said, not all employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Do you know if you would be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits in the event of an on-the-job injury? Read on to find out which workers are at risk of not being covered by workers’ compensation insurance:

  • Maritime employees: Given that these employees typically have a different kind of benefits arrangement, maritime employees are usually not included in the workers’ compensation system.
  • Railroad workers: Similarly, railroad workers also have their own benefits structure that provides assistance and coverage when workers sustain an injury or illness due to their job duties or work environment.
  • Casual laborers: What is casual work? If you ever had a neighbor mow your lawn for a few bucks, or had a family friend come over to help you paint your house, this would be considered casual labor. If they were to sustain any kind of injuries while engaging in this kind of work, they will not be entitled to any workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Independent contractors: These types of workers are often self-employed, or they might be working for a company or person under contract. Either way, independent contractors are not covered by workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Volunteers: For those who perform volunteer work, workers’ compensation benefits are generally not available.

Although these employees are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance, this does not mean they do not have other options available that will allow them to seek financial compensation for their injuries. Make sure you understand your rights as a worker to ensure you are able to obtain some form of assistance while you recover from your injuries. Furthermore, if you are an employee who is covered by workers’ compensation insurance and your claim was denied, you could still secure these benefits by filing an appeal. Get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney today.

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