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What You Need to Watch Out for with Your Workers’ Comp Adjuster

Working with a workers’ compensation adjuster can be a little overwhelming and, generally, their goal is to ensure they minimize the number of benefits you receive. They might even try to delay or outright deny your claim to save money for the insurance company they work for. One way to navigate this situation is to know exactly what kind of tactics you can expect from an insurance adjuster, so you can better protect yourself and your chances of receiving the benefits to which you are entitled.

Below is a list of some things you should watch out for when dealing with your workers’ compensation adjuster:

  1. Recording a statement by you when you are in pain or under the influence of medications: Injuries are painful and serious ones take time to recover from and might warrant some pretty potent medications. Oftentimes, insurance adjusters know that this is a terrible time to talk to an injured worker. Unfortunately, a terrible time for you is a better time for them, because it means they are far more likely to glean information from you that you would have otherwise declined to give. Make sure you hire a workers’ compensation attorney and allow him or her to handle these discussions on your behalf.
  2. Misrepresenting the benefits you can legally receive: Without an attorney on your side, it can be difficult to seek the benefits to which you are entitled due to a lack of knowledge. You cannot always trust the insurance adjuster to inform you of your benefits, so this is another reason why you should hire skilled legal representation.
  3. Not returning any calls: To delay and postpone your medical treatment and benefits, insurance adjusters sometimes play a game of phone tag, or completely neglect to return phone calls.
  4. Trying to convince you to settle quickly: In some cases, an insurance adjuster will attempt to get you to settle early on in your claim if they believe the injury is serious. If you settle early on, chances are you do not yet know the full extent of your injuries, which will make it exceptionally easier for an insurance adjuster to make a low-ball offer. If you accept their offer, you will likely end up taking way less than what you truly deserve.
  5. Advising you not to hire an attorney: Insurance adjusters might even advise you not to retain the services of a workers’ compensation attorney and try to suggest that doing so will only complicate matters and cost you. The fact is that this tactic is used simply to make it easier for them to take advantage of you. You should always have an experienced attorney on your side when handling any complex legal matter, so make sure you do so as soon as possible.

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