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Most Common Wear and Tear Injuries at Work

Aches and pains are a common occurrence in the U.S. workforce. However, wear and tear injuries from the physical labor of a job can result in serious injuries.

There are several occupations which obviously require a high level of physical fitness and are associated with the risk of wear and tear, such as jobs in the construction and fitness industry. On the other hand, occupations such as mechanics, machine operators, nurses, gardeners, office workers, and other jobs that are unexpectedly demanding involve performing the same tasks constantly, which can weaken and wear the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones.

Some of the most common wear and tear injuries in the United States include:

  1. Lumbar sprains and strains caused by prolonged sitting and computer work
  2. Disc injuries due to prolonged and improper sitting postures
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome from typing
  4. Shoulder, rotator cuff, and back injuries from heavy lifting
  5. Hearing loss caused by overexposure to loud sounds
  6. De Quervain’s syndrome due to chronic overuse of the wrist
  7. Tendinitis due to repetitive movements and awkward positions

When it comes to connecting the development of a wear and tear injury to a specific event or injury, it can be difficult—if not impossible. For some workers, injury symptoms may appear in a matter of months, while others can a decade at a job before any aches, pains, and serious health concerns manifest.

However, establishing a causal connection between the injury and work-related activity is necessary for a workers’ compensation claim in California. Injured employees must gather medical records and evidence from the workplace to make a claim. Furthermore, having an experienced workers’ comp lawyer on your side can make a substantial, positive impact on your case.

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