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Can I Claim Workers’ Compensation for Skin Problems?

Skin conditions tend to happen gradually over a period of time, but that does not mean they are not covered by workers’ compensation. If you developed a skin condition or disease on the job, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation, depending on the specifics of your condition. To be eligible for benefits, you must prove you developed it as a direct result of your occupation.

Conditions Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Not every type of skin condition or disease is covered by workers’ compensation. Below are some of the most commonly covered skin disorders:

  • Dermatitis: This is a type of skin inflammation and, depending on the severity of the condition, suffers might experience symptoms such as redness, irritation, or blisters. If you were exposed to harmful chemicals at work, or constant use of water, it might have caused dermatitis. Fortunately, it is generally a curable condition.
  • Hives: This condition often produces a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, including a burning sensation, irritation of the skin, and inflamed bumps or wheals on various areas of the skin. This can last for days or even weeks and is usually caused by allergic reactions, autoimmune reactions, or overexposure to sunlight or certain chemicals. If you are overly stressed at work, this can also aggravate the symptoms.
  • Skin Cancer: This disease is commonly caused by an excessive exposure to sunlight, causing an abnormal growth of skin cells in the area most affected by the exposure. If you work outdoors for long hours you become more susceptible to different types of skin cancers, including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and more. Seek medical attention immediately if you notice any abnormal skin growth.

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