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Things to Consider Before Accepting a Workers' Comp Settlement


After suffering an injury at the workplace, your first priority is to receive immediate medical attention. Once you obtain the treatment you need to recover, you must deal with other important matters, such as reporting the incident, getting your workers’ compensation claim started, and receiving benefits for your medical bills and lost earnings.

Depending on your diagnosis and how long the entire workers’ comp claim process takes, you may feel like accepting the first settlement offered to you. However, the initial offer is often not enough.

Before you choose to accept or reject the settlement, the following are several things you should consider before making a final decision:

  1. Pros of accepting a lump sum – With a lump sum, you are aware of the total amount of money you will receive from your injury. There is no hassle waiting on weekly checks, as well as dealing with insurance companies and the required paperwork related to these payments. You can also avoid going to court if you accept a settlement.
  2. Cons of accepting a lump sum – One you have accepted a settlement, you cannot ask for additional compensation. That means if your injury unexpectedly worsens, you are not liable to receive further monetary compensation. So future medical costs associated with your workplace injury could be on your own dime.

But no matter the severity of your injury, it is wise to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer before to make a decision regarding your settlement. It can be difficult to determine how much you should settle for, and an attorney can help you ensure that you are making the best possible decision.

For legal assistance with your own settlement, schedule a free consultation with our Sacramento workers’ comp lawyers at Smolich and Smolich today.