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Avoid These Common SSD Myths

Because the Social Security process is so complex and often leads to frustration after a denied claim, a number of myths have begun to circulate regarding the application process and other aspects of the Social Security programs. At Smolich & Smolich, our Sacramento Social Security disability lawyers can set the record straight on these myths and provide you with reputable legal advice that can give your claim the best chance at success.

All New Claims Are Denied On First Application

Recent statistics actually say that about one in three claims is accepted on its first application. Now, these are not particularly good odds (since roughly two out of three are denied), but the advice and experience of a skilled attorney can help maximize your chances of having your claim accepted the first time.

Disability Hearings Guarantee Claim Acceptance

The actual reality is there is no statistical way to back this up. Judges do deny a number of claims, and the odds of your claim being denied is largely dependent on the acceptance/denial rates of your particular judge. While over 50% of claims that are heard in SSD court are accepted, there is still no guarantee your claim will be.

I Cannot Receive SSD and Other Benefits Simultaneously

For people who qualify for both social security disability and supplemental security income, you could potentially receive benefits of both at the same time. While it is not particularly common, there is a chance you could potentially be awarded both forms of income. You may also be able to receive SSD and workers’ compensation benefits simultaneously. An SSD attorney will be able to help you better determine which programs you qualify for and then provide you with highly-personalized assistance for whichever applications you need.

Social Security Is For Older Workers

There actually is no age limit to qualify for SSD benefits, and in many cases, those who are younger actually require fewer work credits in order to be eligible to receive. Additionally, disabled children may be able to receive benefits if their working parent qualifies. While the majority of SSD collectors are older people, do not let your age stop you from discovering whether or not you qualify to receive the benefits you need.

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  • I was blessed the day I contacted this firm!

    “I was blessed the day I contacted this firm! Sarah Greer and Sam Eldaly we're an amazing team while handling my Social Security Disability appeal. They were very proactive, kept me up to date on the status of my case and we're always available to ease my mind. I am so thankful for the help I received from my team! They far exceeded all my expectations!”

    Mandie Lou

  • Without Smolich & Smolich taking my case I would have never gotten my benefits!!!

    “Without Smolich & Smolich taking my case I would have never gotten my benefits!!! Rob Smolich took my case himself and was so helpful in every step of the way. I cant say anything negative about Smolich & Smolich. I had a lawyer before him and he was way more personable. His office took all the stress off my back and made me feel at ease during the time period of waiting. Have nothing but good things to say about this company. They are completely professional!!!!”

    Dustin Walker

  • They know what it takes to win. Thank you all so much!

    “Thank you so much for your help. I was denied twice by social security disability. They are the most diligent and wonderfully. Yes it takes a while to get a hearing. If it wasn't for the great staff and attorneys here, I would have never been approved for disability. It was the best Christmas gift i received. They know what it takes to win. Thank you all so much!”

    Nanci Stewart

  • You were so proactive and informative, you really did take away so much of my stress during the whole process.

    “I sincerely apologize for the delay! I truly thought I had already sent this off to almost 3 months ago! Thank goodness I had someone helping me clean and organize the apartment last week. She found your letter behind my bookcase. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your support and dedication throughout my case. You were a true blessing to me. You were so proactive and informative, you really did take away so much of my stress during the whole process. Just the fact that you returned a call so promptly was a very big deal to me. It let me know that I mattered to you, Sarah, and the firm. Thanks to the two of you I am finally settled in my own apartment and my mom was able to finally retire. So again, thank you from the depths of my heart for everything that you personally and your firm have done for me. You were true angels in my tie of need.”

    Mandie O'Malley