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How Does Workers' Compensation Pay for Medical Bills?


One of the main benefits that workers’ compensation provides is coverage for your medical bills after sustaining a workplace injury. Your medical bills are paid by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier, which means you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for anything out of pocket as long as it’s covered.

Medical bills of any kind can be extremely costly, so it’s natural to wonder how the workers’ compensation process handles them. Fortunately, you shouldn’t see any bills related to your approved treatment plan. That said, any medical care you undergo outside of this approved plan is likely to become your financial responsibility.

How Does Treatment Authorization Work?

Your employer likely has a Medical Provider Network, which is a group of healthcare providers who have prior authorization to treat work-related injuries. If your employer is affiliated with such a network, you must choose a doctor from it for your treatment.

Your selected physician will develop a treatment plan for you, and the rest is handled by your employer’s insurance carrier.

Which Medical Bills Will Workers’ Compensation Cover?

In California, workers’ compensation will cover all medical expenses associated with your treatment plan. This includes doctor office visits, hospital services, medications, physical therapy, and all other aspects of treatment approved by your employer’s physician.

Can Insurance Deny Certain Medical Treatments?

Your employer’s insurance carrier can deny medical treatment that it deems unnecessary to your recovery. This occurs through a process called utilization review. If your employer denies your treatment, you can request an independent medical review to challenge the insurance carrier’s denial.

When Should I Seek Legal Assistance?

You should always seek legal assistance when dealing with workers’ compensation in California. Interference from your employer’s insurance company can limit the coverage you receive for medical treatment, which can leave you on the hook for costly medical bills.

We at Smolich and Smolich believe workers who are injured on the job deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. This is a vulnerable moment in anyone’s life, and experienced legal counsel can help injured workers assert their rights and receive fair treatment.

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