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Negligent Homeowners Are Responsible for Trick-or-Treating Injuries


On Halloween, it’s all about candy and reveling in spooky fun and festivities. At no point should it involve serious injury, especially not when approaching someone’s front door or participating in their walk-through house of horrors.

Unfortunately, though, negligent homeowners can put a huge damper on this holiday with potentially lifelong consequences for injured parties. When that happens, it may be necessary to file a premises liability claim to seek compensation for one’s medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Property Hazards Can Cause Injury on Halloween

Not only can hazards that are normally present on someone’s property cause injury, but so too can hazards they create by putting up decorations or assembling walk-through haunts.

For example, poor lighting or theatrical fog on a homeowner’s property can cause trick-or-treaters to run into hazards of all kinds. Severe cracks or uneven pavement on a driveway can cause someone to trip or lose their balance, poorly placed decorations can force someone off an established walkway, and power cords strewn across paths can become easy trip-and-fall hazards.

Although homeowners don’t intend to cause injury, they are responsible for identifying hazards on their property and remediating them or warning others of these hazards. For example, people sensitive to strobing lights or who have heart conditions should be warned of hazards that could cause a medical episode.

What Should I Do If I or My Child Is Injured on Someone Else’s Property?

If you or your child are injured because of a homeowner’s negligence on Halloween, it’s important to document the accident scene. If a homeowner’s Halloween decorations caused the accident, taking photos and videos of the scene can preserve evidence after the holiday is over.

Proving that a homeowner was negligent is necessary to recover compensation, but it’s not easy. The other side might try to shift blame for the accident onto your child’s costume or behavior on their property. This can harm your chances of recovering the compensation you need to move forward.

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