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Common Work Injuries for Firefighters

Firefighters can face many kinds of on-the-job hazards. As a consequence, they can become injured in many different ways. Fortunately, firefighters in California can qualify for workers’ compensation when they’re injured on the job and can receive benefits uniquely established for them.

4 Common Firefighter Injuries

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 65,000 firefighters were injured while on duty during 2020. Most reported injuries were caused by overexertion and strain, but many firefighters also experienced injured caused by falls, contact with an object, or exposure to fire and smoke, and other such injuries

We’ll discuss these injuries more below.

Overexertion & Muscle Strain

A firefighter’s job can be intensely physical, resulting in overexertion, strain, sprains, and other muscle injuries. Not only are firefighters clearing heavy debris, breaking down doors, climbing ladders, or rescuing people, they’re doing it while wearing heavy equipment. Over time, and as a firefighter ages, these activities make them more likely to suffer muscle-related injuries.

Falls, Jumps, Slips, Trips

No matter how far a firefighter is from the ground, coming into contact with the ground – intentionally or not – can result in serious injury. Falls, jumps, slips, and trips can all end in muscle injuries, bone fractures, lacerations, bruising, and head injuries.

Struck by an Object

Firefighters can also become injured when they come into contact with an object, particularly when they are struck by one. A fire is a destructive environment, and debris can fall all around a firefighter as they work to find victims and stop the structure from burning. When a firefighter is struck by an object, they can experience traumatic brain injury, lacerations, bruising, and even death.

Smoke Inhalation & Toxic Substance Exposure

The only thing more dangerous to a firefighter than the fire itself is the smoke it produces. Smoke inhalation accounts for approximately 11% of all firefighter injuries, making it a significant threat to confront. If a firefighter survives this injury, they can face permanent disability and even lung cancer.

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