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What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

If you recently sustained a workplace injury, you are likely in the process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits to help get you through this difficult time. For many, this is a first-time experience and you might not be aware of what workers’ compensation covers.

Below is a list of benefits provided by workers’ compensation insurance for employees who are injured while performing their job duties:

  • Medical costs to treat workplace illnesses and injuries: When an employee is injured and requires medical attention, the employer’s insurance company is generally responsible for covering the costs of any medical bills related to the injury or illness. This could include ambulance rides, emergency room visits, follow-up visits, medication, assistive devices, and more. Moreover, workers’ compensation is not a fault-based system, so even when employees are partially responsible for their own injuries, workers’ compensation will cover their medical expenses.

  • Lost wages: For serious injuries that require time away from work to recover, workers’ compensation will cover a portion of an employee’s missed wages. However, workers’ compensation will not cover the entirety of your missed wages, no matter how much time you have to miss from work.

  • Ongoing medical care: Not all injuries are destined for a full recovery. When an employee sustains a workplace injury or illness that requires ongoing care, including surgery, rehabilitation, or treatment from specialists, this is also covered by workers’ compensation benefits, even if the employee can never return to work.

  • Funeral costs and death benefits: In cases where a workplace injury results in a fatal injury, workers’ compensation can also cover the costs of funeral expenses, allowing the employee’s family to grieve without being burdened by worrying about money. It is also possible for workers’ compensation to cover death benefits, including support payments to dependents of the employee.

Sustaining an injury is painful and difficult and you should not have to deal with the financial costs of it on your own. It is crucial that you file for workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible and seek skilled legal representation to ensure the process goes smoothly from start to finish. Medical bills can mount quickly and there is no reason why you should have to handle them yourself when you are entitled to receiving these important benefits.

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